Morning erection as a sign of a good penile health

  • Chodelka
  • 04/11/2020

Teasing morning erection, physiological theory, wider perspective on morning sex, and a woman, who will not be left out either. Strong hormone cocktail. Has morning erection any deeper meaning and is it worth to care for it?

morning erection

What is morning erection?

During REM sleep stage, in which we most often awake, the noradrenalin hormone is not released and therefore does not watch for erectile tissues not to be erected. Good, but what is next?

There are many theories explaining sleep activities which occur for one third of our life as well as many theories concerning regular morning erection of a man.

It is without any doubt that during sleep our body regenerates, and even grows in a youth age. It also saves energy and supports brain and memory functions.

Concerning hormones including testosterone and the already mentioned noradrenalin, the scientists are studying how a human is influenced by these hormones during his sleep. On the other hand they analyse how a human influences production of further hormones during his sleep.

Erection – and not only the morning one

Although increased level of testosterone, the male hormone reaches its peak in the morning hours, penis is regularly erected as many times per night as the sleep stages change.

The heart rate is slow, muscles relax, blood pressure is low and  digestion works well. It may seem that the body exercises and strengthens muscles of the penis. A regular exercise, one may say.

This morning erection theory is also supported by an ontogenetic theory which suggests, that during  REM-sleep the body exercises its movement formulas which are genetically given and which consequently need to be exercised without any long training.


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What are the benefits of morning penile erection?

Men know themselves. Morning without erection would definitely arouse  them more than hard penis. They would have concerns about their sexual function, their health.

Morning erection as a normal body reaction leaves them calm in this sense. Everything is the way it should be. Men feel relaxed and full of strength.

The strength given by the nature for procreation, and as we may see even further, also for maintaining of their family relationship. Naturally, a woman is their morning desire.

What can morning sex do with a man´s body?

First of all it boosts their metabolism and provides man´s body with energy for quite a long time. And this is not all. Thanks to released endorphins the feeling of happiness comes.

Their immune system even becomes stronger, as scientists from Wilkes University say, who made a research on 112 university students. It concerned an increase of A immunoglobulin level depending on sexual intercourse.

And what about woman and your morning erection?

Morning erection does not mean any surprise for a woman. However, it would be a pity just to stop there. Of course a woman has an eye for a bathroom, toothbrush, hairbrush, her favourite perfume or a cream and she deals in her head with what she is going to wear.

But she would also deserve more morning relax and passion. It is not only the man who benefits from morning sex. Morning sex also contributes to the female´s life.

And the most important is that both partners may start their working day being more tied up, more connected and happier.

Oxytocin – hormone of love and trust

Oxytocin is released in our organism in several-fold higher volumes and has wide area of influence. It influences many processes in our body. At this point we are interested in its influence on social behaviour, parental behaviour and stress, i.e. on its assistance in creating relationships.

It is really helpful for sexual partners. This hormone induces deeper feeling of intimacy and it contributes to trust and empathy.

It is just said, that oxytocin´s influence is so high that it has been proven in forming and treatment of some malignant tumours. Doesn´t morning erection also ask for this hormone?

Morning erection is here for both partners

Man´s morning erection speaks for both man and a woman. They would for sure not respond to it in having a fast sex only. After sexual intercourse perception of a partner changes for both of them, while their view of wider surroundings also changes.

Based on an opinion of Amanda Denes, the doctor from University of California there is one more thing there. Increased level of oxytocin significantly increases their feelings of safety. That is why after an orgasm both partners are more open and able to talk about things they would not talk about before.

Interesting proof of oxytocin´s action

Sue Carter, the neuroendocrinologist from University of Illinois focused in the 70´s on the research of common hamsters brain. She was concerned about the cause of their unusual partners faithfulness. During the research controlled blocking of  oxytocin receptors caused a change in their behaviour. Instead of common care for their offspring the common hamsters started to mate among one another and ceased to create firm ties.

Sexual connection of a man and a woman may have its deeper meaning. It represents a source of very pleasant natural and emotional feelings. It is also a source of an information which says: „We will handle it together today, there are two of us in a  good form.“

One of the main roles of a man and a woman is to bring a child to this world, notwithstanding the lack of comfort, lack of opportunities or struggle for survival. And it must be beautiful. Pregnancy and children which follow next, that´s another matter.

When erection strikes

Sexual functioning is the main concern for all men. If it weakens or even disappears, men take it as a catastrophe. On the other side one shouldn´t have the King Solomon, permanently sexually satisfying his seven hundred wives and  three hundred concubines as an unattainable role model.                                            

It is optimal to have sex once per week, as some researchers say. Fortunately insufficient erection goes hand in hand with factors which a man is able to influence. According to Karl Kočí, the andrologist, wrong or poor lifestyle is to blame. A man only needs his will to do something.

How to get penis back to its normal functioning?

Darius Paduch, the Dean of Weill Cornell Medical College in New York recorded several cases when men changed their lifestyle and within three years reduction of their sexual function got to normal. These men did not do anything extraordinary.

The men had to change their eating habits in order to reduce weight and cholesterol level. At the same time they had enough good-quality sleep and rest. The level of testosterone was then increased by physical activity. Concerning alcohol, they reduced their high intake.

Rhythm model

Adam Safron, the neurologist and university professor of Northwestern University came up with an interesting function pattern – the rhythm influences brain´s activity.

His sexual model may be compared to listening to music. When the brain joins, it is as if it sings along with the music. And this is similar during the sex.

The brain reacts to sexual activity rhythm and gets synchronized with its rhythm. Other stimuli are suppressed and the mind gets into thrilling condition leading to orgasm.

Professor Safron  is convinced that if people concentrate on rhythm aspect during sex, they may improve their sexual life.

Quite a brave conclusion

Finally, after demanding and costly scientific experiments the modern science comes to a conclusion that love, mutual touches, cuddling and hugging do not serve as temporary pleasure only.

They essentially assist in maintaining our health. They also help in  creating good-quality partnerships, preservation of family stability and smooth functioning of the whole human society as such.

Then the look at morning erection, as an impulse which could make us closer to these values, is not out of the question at all.

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